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1969 Triumph frame we goosenecked and stretched backbone 1.75 ". Also mad a bolt-on hardtail for a customer.
The Flat Out Flatty- SOLD!

The bike is  a 6 time record holder at the Maxton Mile in land speed racing.
1. Finished 22nd at World Championships and is featured this month in their
magazine Dealer News.
2. Featured this month in Germanys magazine Dream Machines.
3. Won the Pinkee's Hot Rod design award at the Legends Show in Sturgis
4. Won 2nd place at the Metzeler Show in Sturgis 2007.
5. Won the Ballz award at Biker Magazine/ Penthouse show in Sturgis. This
was the 2nd highest trophy at that show.
6. Won at Willies Tropical Tattoo- Daytona 2007. Pictured also in V-Twin,
Easyrider FDaytona supplement.
7. It already has been phototgraphed for Easyrider, an engish mag and
Freeway which is a french mag.
8. Won Editors Choice from Dave Nichols- Easyrider Show Charlotte.
9. Won best in class at Easyrider- Louisville.
10. Won 3rd Best of Show, Easyrider- Columbus
11. Won a 3rd at Easyrider Invitational- Kansas City.

The Bobber
Note: Tires NOT included!
180 Tire Rigid Frame 0 Stretch
Large Plain Solo Seat
Front Seat Bracket
Solo Seat Bracket
3" Seat Springs
Handlebar Mount Kit
Polished Forward Control Kit
Chrome Bearing Cups
Inner Tube
Inner Tube
Chrome Riser Set
Wheel Axle Adjusters
Neck Race (x 2 )
Bearings (x 2)
1" Under Kickstand
Sportster Gas Tank
Oil Tank
Oil Tank Mounts
Vibration Mounts
9" Rigid Rear Fender
Rear Fender Support
80 Spoke Rear Wheel 18" x 5.5"
80 spoke Front Wheel 21" x 3"
Head Cup Dust Shield
Oil Tank Bracket
Stock Length Springer Front End
Mini APE Handlebars
Price for all of the above- $3557

For more frames, rolling chassis and bike parts check the link below, then call or e-mail us for special pricing.

DUDE Bars $160
Available in 8", 12" 14" 18"

Need a frame? Give us a call!!

The Buell is done and is it fast!!
Raked 9 degrees to 34.
Lowered 3 inches.
Weight loss of 32 lbs. (total wet weight 432lbs.)

Buell project pictures.

Look who we saw at Myrtle Beach
Arlen Ness and Mach Ness

Codeman off to the prom!

The Mini Chopper won 1st Place in the Roadbike Magazine Show!
The 61 Panhead won 2nd place at the American Iron Show!
The Triumph placed 2nd overall at 'The Horse'!
The judges were Chopper Dave and his WCC crew and Paul Cox.
The Triumph also placed 2nd at the Roadbike Show in the chopper class.

The BREWcrew on stage at awards for 'The Horse' with Chopper Dave from WCC.

Did you know that Steve actually started his first business (SG Cycleworks) with motorcycles, not bicycles.  Everyone around here is excited about the motorcycle part of  this business.  We will offer a full line of accessories.  Everyone is asking us 'what kind of motorcycles are you going to have'?  Well, we have a motocross track at our other location, Kim and Steve both ride cruisers,  Cody and Chad ride crotch rockets, Steve, Cody and Chad all have motocross bikes, Caitlin enjoys scooters and mini's, Steve is building a custom 1956 Simplex,  a Triumph Street Tracker  project is also being started and it goes on and on.  The answer is all kinds of motorcycles!
The showroom is almost done and product will soon be available!

The 2002 Ol'Skool Chopper!
The Start 7-26-2003
Mike Howard hard at it at 2:30AM!

Shane Turrisi making sure it is done right!!

Triumph and Mini both won their classes at Sturgis!

The MicroBREW Mini Chopper!

The Start

The Finish

The CODEman taking it for a spin!

Here are the BEFORE pictures of the Triumph I am building into a Street Tracker.
Engine is a 72 T6R 5 speed.
Next we take it apart!
The Finished Bike!

Rats Hole Bike Show.   Caitlin Garn
Chad Garn made some new friends!
Big Daddy Rat with THE GIRLS!
BREWdude and son.
Caitlin, Karl (BIG Daddy Rat) & BREWdude

1957 Simplex Servi-Cycle/Vanguard 16HP Conversion.
The Beginning!

Also in the works is a chopper project that will be done in 2 weeks.

We will soon be offering frames and other products built here at BREW!

BREW has the latest equipment for powder coating.  We also have our own burn off oven.  This is the only way to get all that old finish off before recoating!   Several stock colors and of course, we can do custom.
BREW has a complete machine shop and welding facilities.  We have the very latest in welding machines and our welders are always on the curve for the latest techniques!  We can do repairs or fabricate something that is needed.
We also can build your products at the quality that you would expect!  Please let us know your needs.

The Track is now DONE!!!

Sold my dirtbike, Hated to see it go.
Ryan Bumgarner bought it from me.