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Yes, we still do customs!
14"-24" top tube lengths available!!
Custom Prices start at $550

Here isa custom we built.
Biaxel downtube,
Tapered and triple butted toptube,
Beefy Chainstays,

Powder is clear with prism

Yes, we still do customs!

The BMX frames have over 35 colors to choose from. 30  of these are a stock color!

BREW now has in stock their new mini/junior fork.
it is a lugged fork and comes in at a weight of 23oz.

we like people to visit our facility
Below is Danny Edmisten. He came by for a visit, picked out his frame, chose his color and came back to pick it up! Have fun Danny! Great to meet you.

How do we design frames?
That is why we have so many Pros!
They test different frame sizes, thicknesses, heat treaments and brands to see what works and what doesn't. The frames they ride are different.  Some work, some don't!  This way you get the best frame possible!