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Bicycle Frame Building Class
Started frame building 40 years ago and time to pass on what I have learned over this time. 2014 is the 8th year of offering frame classes.
Classes are booking quick!

2014 Dates

April 21st-25th - FULL
May 12th-16th 1SPOT LEFT
June 9th-13th
July 21st-25th
September 2nd-6th 1 SPOT LEFT
September 15th-19th

Some Dates can be shifted to include weekends.

Other class dates may be added if you have another date needed.

 are already booking up!

Have a friend who also wants a class. Let me know and I may setup a class.
If you have interest let me know.

Adam built this 29er in a recent class.
The Burt Father and Son made some sweet frames!
We are having a bicycle frame building class that will last for 5 days.  Imagine  building your own frame and also  powdercoating it AND then bringing your own custom frame home.
 We will assist in all areas.  This will include a quick TIG welding course also.  We will also assist in final welding if needed. Frame design limited to double triangle and dropouts.  
We will limit class to 2.  Expect at least 50 hours of instruction and hands-on experience.
No experience is necessary at all.
Let me know if any are REALLY interested!!
Imagine riding a bike with a frame you built with your own hands!

 MTB, Road, SS, Cyclocross, BMX, 29er Frame, 27.5.  
$1600 Price includes Class, class materials and frame materials.
Only extra would be if you choose Paragon Dropouts.

Located 14 miles away from Boone NC. Great places for nightly food and entertainment.

You will need to bring a long sleeve DARK COTTON shirt.
If you have them bring a pair of safety glasses, leather gloves and a welding helmet.

 What is the class about?
This is just some of what you will learn.
1. FUN
2. Metric vs English measurements.
3.Tubing- Butting, single, double, triple and quad.
4. Tubing- how to decipher tubing specs
5. Tubing heat treatments, myths, elongation and hardness
7.Welding methods explained. MIG, TIG and Oxy/Acetylene
8. Welding bicycle tubing methods.
9. Oxy/Acetylene setups for welding or fillet brazing
10. Welder machine selection (transformer or inverter, air or water cooled, foot control, pulse)
11.Tig terms
12. What is pulse
13. Tungsten types and shaping
14. Weld beads
15. Rod selection
16. Cup selection
17. Nozzle or gas lens?
18. Argon and CFH
19 Torch control
20. Welding 4130 urban legends (MANY)
21. Safety
22. Main tube selection
23. Chainstay design
24. Dropout design
25. Alignments issues.
26.Seatstay design
27. Tube fitment
28. Many hours of weld class and hands on
29. Inspection
30. Tubing pretreatments for powdercoating
31. Powdercoating
32. FUN!

A nonrefundable deposit of $500 is needed to hold a position.

We also recommend the Tim Paterek's Frame Builders Manual
Click on the pic for direct link.

Thanks again everyone for their support.