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Time Bomb 45 Magnum FOR SALE!

For Sale
Complete or will part out.

Want to see the seat? It's there. Want to see it's suspension? It's there.

I usually make all I can(frames, controls, bars, paint, machine, welding, cables etc).
When I do buy I can be a REAL PAIN!
But, sometimes the craftsmanship is beyond expectations.  During this build this has happened and want to mention these who I highly recommend.

1. Duane Ballard Leather for his awesome seats.
2. Sucker Punch Sallys for the H Bomb oil tank. Went great with the name of the bike also!!
3. Fab Kevin seat hinges are the best. He also can make some great custom pieces.
4. Cycle Electric makes the best in generators. That is all I'll ever use.
5. The coolest footpegs I've see in years. Hippy Killer!!!
6. Metzeler Tires really completed the look I was going for.
7. Dan Roedel for his technical help. Thanks Dan!!
8. Doug In Georgia. I ran down there and he did  the balancing and truing of the flywheels.
Builds great bikes also. Doug's Custom Cycles.
9. Duki. A huge THANKS to him for find me a shifter for the A10 BSA tranny!!!

Named the Time Bomb. Why, the 45 Magnum goes back in time and are known when not
built right to explode. So, the name Time Bomb.
The Engine
45 Magnum
Many variations of the 45 Magnum have been around. After much research I decided to follow Randy Smith's idea. He wrote several articles in the early 70's on his builds of the 45 Magnum. The one thing I found out was if you want power DON"T take any short cuts!
I'll follow up with more details but this will be a good start.
What is a 45 Magnum?
It is a Harley 45 flathead cases mated to a Sportster 900 top end.
Cases need to be welded since the cylinders are 1/4" larger where they enter the case.
Cylinder bolt holes where plugged and filled since the holes will be relocated.
Case opening was milled along with welded area and case bolt holes drilled and tapped.

Cylinder bases where turned down and 10mm chromoly case studs installed. Also after turning base off the cylinders had to be drilled for the case studs.
The intake inlets on both heads were both removed so individual runners could be welded in.
Lifter bodies had outside threads removed and were bored for sporty push rod tubes.

After cleaning up intake the heads were machined for dual plugs.
Rockers were split and engine parts assembled to make sure of clearances before assembly.

The real pain came to putting stronger rods, flywheels and motor sprocket shaft.
Ironhead wheels were narrowed, thrust washer are deepened, early bigtwin sprocket shaft fitted.
Dan Roedel gave me inspiration and helped me greatly trying to get things settled in.
I went down to Atlanta and Doug Hicks from Dougs Custom Cycle balanced and trued the flywheel assembly.

On the left is the stock 45 crank pin. The right  is the Sportster crank pin which I used.
On the bottom is the stock 45 rod, on top the one I used from the Sportster.
#1 P Cam was milled and had the end of a bearing shaft from a 45 cam inserted. This needed to be done for the oil feed pump.
BSA A10 tranny and adjustable mounts.
Aluminum flat track hub and turned down Betor Bultaco forks.
Fender was widened 1.2" and radius changed 1"

The seat pan is made from aluminum to keep the weight down
Heavy glitter blue, skotch brited aluminum with sevral coats of clear. Clean, simple design. Painted outside today since it was a great day!
powdercoating rims and hubs.
turned down Bultaco forks, spool hub, Buchanan spokes and Metzeler tire. Weight for entire assembly is 37 lbs.
frame on the table getting motor mounts fabricated in.

start on mock up.
Steeped exhaust, dual amals, a10 transmission.
Estimated final weight? 300lbs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Seat by Duane Ballard Leather!
4 bolt holes for the mount? What's up with that?
NEW seat suspension design by BREW-patent being applied for.
THE 45 Magnum
Ceriani triple clamp which I welded  the headlight mount. Yep, a Ceriani!
Stacked skateboard bushings ala old MTB. Stack goes into the seatube.  1-1/2" travel, easily adjustable and yep, patent pending,